First of all, the PhotoReading course outperforms any Fast Reading Course, You Learn At least 10 Times Faster in Any Area That Interests You, Including A Foreign Language. PhotoReading is a protocol, a sequence of steps that recognizes and uses two functions of the human brain.

relations courses


In this workshop participants will have the experience of an extraordinary journey in knowledge, which allows them to solve two major things:
1) Discovering the biggest barrier to having functional relationships;
2) Solving a non-functional relationship through a technique that, when applied in any other relationship, can produce the desired results.

timemaster courses


The TimeMaster course starts by identifying your already existing perception of time. Its distinction is made by identifying the impact it has on life, both personally and professionally. The next step is the realization that we can create whatever paradigm we want, inspire, empower us.


Bucuresti, Romania

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